17 July 2013
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Use of slimming tea for weight loss is growing in popularity since dieters find it easier than the time consuming arduous exercises. Slimming teas come in a long list of varieties like the traditional green tea, Chinese tea, Oolong tea, Rose tea, Star Anise tea or Herbal teas. Some of these teas possess thermo genic properties which means faster fat burning and weight loss. Slimming tea has other health benefits also besides helping reduce weight like it helps boost metabolism, increases energy levels, acts like a rejuvenator, fights signs of ageing and prevents constipation.

Slimming TeaSlimming tea is usually a safe and effective way to a slimmer body and healthier life but like anything else it too may have a few side effects. Caution must be exercised before choosing or using a slimming tea just like any other slimming or diet product as many slimming tea manufacturers don’t mention the ingredients. Let us have a look at the possible side effects of a slimming tea:

Caffeine side effects:

Some slimming teas contain Caffeine that helps boost metabolism but if a user is sensitive to caffeine, consuming the slimming tea on a regular basis or several times a day could lead to caffeine related side effects like insomnia, increased heart rate or irritability etc.

Laxative property:

Some slimming teas may contain very strong laxatives and may act more like laxatives than a weight loss product. Some of the strong laxatives used in these products may be Senna, Eleuthro root or Mallow etc. These laxatives increase the bowel movement and pull a great amount of fluid from the body resulting in diarrhea and dehydration. Prolonged use of these products can cause chronic constipation as the body gets used to these laxatives. Pregnant women should avoid the use of slimming teas.

People suffering from Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia are also advised to avoid use of slimming teas as these may complicate their condition and similarly those suffering from serious eating disorders should also consult their physicians before starting the use of these products.

Slimming tea is usually a safe choice for losing weight if we take enough pains to choose the right one. A hundred percent natural tea like Doctor Tea that is made after extensive research by experienced Ayurvedacharyas is a good way to lose your weight and worries.

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